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Worki termokurczliwe przemysł mięsny

Shrink bags – meat industry

We produce high quality shrink bags for meat industry. Our bags are very durable and are designed to store products like meat with bone or without it. We highly suggest trying out our product!

Shrink bags – dairy industry

We offer the sale of our shrink bags dedicated to dairy industry. Our bags can make the food stay fresh and keep it’s high quality for longer. These bags are mostly used for cheese storage.

Worki termokurczliwe przemysł mleczarski
Worki próżniowe pape

Vacuum PAPE bags

These bags are made of multi-layered foil and they are perfect for vacuum packaging of food products, including meat, pastry or fish products. Usage of these bags will ensure that the products will stay fresh for longer. You have to try them out!

Foil for packaging machines

We produce foil for packaging machines which can be used for both vacuum packaging or packaging in modifed atmosphere. Check out our offer!

Folie do maszyn pakujących
Pakowanie próżniowe

Vacuum packaging

It’s worth to consider the usage of cavuum packaging mostly because it lets your food stay fresh for longer and prevents multiplication of bacteries. We suggest you buying our bags and foil made for vacuum packaging! /p>

Manufacturer of foil packaging – Pumafol

Manufacturer of foil packaging Pumafol is a company with tradicions. It’s been on the market since 1991. We ale focused on producing foil packagings and bags for multiple industries. Our products are being used by companies that use them for: proccesing of dairy, fruit and vegetables, fish, and also textile and food industry. Thanks to our long appearence on the market we have manager to gain many trusted clients, that are more than willing to recommend our services. Our products are mostly produced for companies and partnerships, we provide foil and bags in bulk sale. Our head office is located in Koszalin, West Pomeranian Voivodeship. We encourage you to try out our products.

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