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Foil for packaging machines

Foil for rolling PA/PE packaging machines

They are characterized by high durability against external inputs and good transparency. They are used for packaging in vacuum or modified atmosphere. Foils can be made as an open/close, easy peel, antifog. There is a possiblity of making an interlayer print. Foil designated for vacuum packaging lets you product stay fresh for longer, posing as a barrier against steam and prevents it from contact with air particles. Durable foil for rolling machines lets you store your food safely up to 180 days.



Foil for FLOW PACK packaging machines

Foil for FLOW PACK packaging machines consisting of different properties, for instance: PET/PE, PA/PE, as a colorless, interlayer or surface printed foil. Thanks to the foil used, products gain extended freshness and storage time. Flow Pack foil has many uses, and is mainly used for packaging of meat, cheese and dry goods, but can also be used for vegetables, fruits, cookies, coffee, cereal and many more. Thanks to its general purpose, this foil is also used for things that are not connected to food industry, such as clothes or cosmetics. Foils can also be made with additional easy-open or antifog option, that increases their functionality and aesthetics, making the Flow Pack foil even more attractive for the customers.

Shrink foil for automated FLOW VAC packing line

Unique product storage properties. Thanks to the foil used, products gain extended freshness and storage time. Product used mainly for packaging of meat and cheese. For dairy industry, we provide yellow and red colored foil. There is a possibility of making a surface print. FLOW-VAC is a modern packaging machine designed to produce hermetic packagings for food storage. Machine made of stainless steel provides a hygienic work environment. Foil dedicated for this machine ensures hermetic storage and safe transport of meat and cheese.


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