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V shaped seal

V shaped seal symbol – VS

V shaped seal on tapes symbol VSOT


zgrzew kostka sera


  • thickness from 40 to 100 microns
  • EVOH barrier (increased oxygen barrier)
  • additional PA layer (increased mechanical resistance)
  • additional PE layer (increased weldable layer)
  • colored in mass


  • high gloss
  • high transparency
  • high puncture resistance
  • high heat shrinkage up to 50%
  • high barrier
  • high CO2 permeability for packaging for matured cheese
  • excellent weldability even with greasy film layers


zgrzew plaski

wycinek plaski

wymiary płaskiego zgrzewu

ser w zgrzewie

Wzór ostrego zgrzewu

wycinek ostrego zgrzewu

wymiary ostrego zgrzewu

ser pleśniowy w zgrzewie

worek płaski

worek zgrzewu płaskiego

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